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Better potatoes from advanced biotech

The company was set up in early 2010 to develop and commercialise superior varieties of potatoes bred using advanced GM technology.

This initiative had, and still has, two main drivers.

Jeff Hooper is Chairman of BioPotatoes.  Whilst CEO of Twyford Plant Laboratories in the 1980-90s Jeff established a molecular genetics lab on the Cambridge Science Park to research potato modification as part of a contract with a leading potato processor. Twyford also worked on mini tubers. Twyford was funded by venture capital, and Jeff was involved in raising over $25m prior to the sale of the company to Kirin Brewery and British American Tobacco.  Prior to that Jeff was MD of a Nickerson seed business with responsibility for potato trials. Nickersons were agents for the leading Dutch seed potato firm ZPC at the time.  In recent years Jeff has managed the largest UK cut flower producer and a number of other successful ventures.

Nigel Bazeley has significant experience in the development and marketing of specialist crops. In the mid 1980’s he was instrumental in the introduction of the Linseed crop to the UK, involving seed selection and multiplication, agronomic trials and market development. In the 1990’s Nigel re-introduced Fibre Flax, where both the seed and fibre are harvested. He was partner in a project which designed and built an innovative short fibre processing decorticator and set up a successful processing factory. Nigel has been active in trade organisations, representing and lobbying for UK interests for Oilseed and Fibre crops at the European Commission. In 2001 Nigel set up Premium Crops Ltd, which maintains a dominant position in the specialist crops market, incorporating Linseed, High Erucic Acid Rape, Lupins, Red Wheat and crops for the birdseed market.

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